Handmade in South Africa from hatched Ostrich Eggs, these wonderful Jewellery / Trinket Boxes, candles and reed diffusers incorporate  traditional techniques used in marquetry, mosaic and veneering crafts. 

Avoova's beautifully handcrafted jewellery boxes, candles and  reed diffusers are made from a ceramic base which is glazed on the inside and then decorated by hand on the outside with a luxurious veneer of ostrich eggshell set into a hard wearing cement.  Accents and trims in pewter are inlaid around the eggshell and a water resistant, non-slip, non-scratch rubberised cork is attached to the base.

Each jewellery box, candle and reed diffuser is presented in a protective grey fabric pouch with turquoise drawstring, in a luxury gift box

The veneer of Ostrich egg is made of discarded Ostrich eggs from the worlds largest commercial Ostrich Farm in the Karoo region of South Africa.

Totally sustainable, Avoova's Faberge inspired jewellery / trinket boxes, candles and reed diffusers are both enduring and collectible.