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Harmony Wind chimes

Let the wind bring music to your garden or patio.

Quality Australian made wind chimes. 

Handmade in the luscious hinterland of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, they all come with a three (3) year guarantee. 

Organic Excellence: 

The timber components are manufactured from Western Red Cedar and New Guinea Rosewood. The timber is treated with Bees wax and Orange oil to enhance the appearance of the grain and protect the timber. 

The aluminium tubes are professionally powder coated by a local company on the Sunshine Coast, including both ends and the flutes on the larger chimes. This will help to prevent chipping, peeling, scratching and corroding of the aluminium tubes. 

UV stabilised braid is used on all our chimes. Australian made brass eyelets are inserted into the tubes prior to powder coating, so as to prolong the life of the braid and prevent it from wearing through. 

Nickel plated 15mm pins are used to ensure the pipes remain tuned and in place for aesthetic appeal. We have also used stainless steel loops on the tops of our chimes to protect against rusting or corrosion. 

The larger chimes come in a range of six colours and the small chimes come in four colours. Other colours are available on request.