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Mats Jonasson beautiful  crystal sculptures of elephants, rhinoceros, lions, tigers, eagles, owls, kittens, bears, and more; come to life with the exquisite natural colours painstakingly hand painted into each of these pieces. 

About Mats Jonasson the artist:

Mats Jonasson, Swedish glass artist, was born in 1945, and he is the third generation of Master glass Craftsmen. He has developed new techniques for sandblasting crystal and new ideas for designs with crystal. Mats Jonasson has been singular in capturing wildlife proportions into handmade crystal, and his feeling for shape, his accuracy of style and his detail is totally individual and has gained him recognition and reputation with crystal and glass collectors throughout the world.

These make great personal gifts as well as very nice professional or corporate award presentations. 

Gifts that will be treasured by generations.